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Gerð: Pökkunarlína
Ástand: Nýtt
Application: Commodity, Food
Packaging Type: bag
Packaging Material: filter paper
Sjálfvirk einkunn: Sjálfvirk
Drifið tegund: rafmagns
Spenna: 220V / 380V
Kraftur: 1,6kw
Dimension(L*W*H): 900x950x1800mm
Þyngd: 350kg
Vottun: CE
tag size: w:40-55mm L:20-40mm
line length: 155mm
measuring range: 3-10ml
packing speed: 30-40 bags/min
internal bag: w:50-80 L:50-70mm
external bag: w:70-90 L:80-120mm
tag's size: w:40-55 L:20-40mm
weight: 350kg
power: 1.6kw
outer dimension: L:900 W:950 H:1800 mm
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Tea bag packing machine

1.Packing Range: 3-10ml
2.Packing Speed: 30-60 Packs/Min
3.Control system:PLC


It is suitable for automatically packaging of steeping products such as tea, coffee ,ginseng essence, diet tea, health-caring tea, medicine tea, as well as tea leaves and herb beverage ,etc.


AUTOMATIC TEA-BAG PACKING MACHINE WITH THREAD,TAG AND ENVELOPE is a hot-sealed, automatic and multifunction packing equipment ,The main characteristic of this equipment is it can molding in one time to protect the material from the direct contact with workers' hands and improve the efficiency. The inner bag is filter paper with thread and label automatically is available. The outer bag is composite paper (including various kinds of composite membrane hot sealable such as paper/plastic, plastic/plastic, plastic/aluminum/plastic, paper/aluminum/plastic.)The most advantage is, the capacity, the inner bag and outer bag can be adjuster flexibly, and the size of the inner and outer bag also can be adjuster according to the requirement of the customer to get the perfect effect.


1. This unit can perform either three sides sealing and triangle teabag. One button only to change the model between three sides sealing and triangle shape.
2. Packing capacity: 3000 bags/h (Actual capacity subject to the characteristics of the filling products)
3. Applicable packing materials: PLA, Nylon, Polyester mesh fabrics, non-woven fabrics in roll with thread and tag.
4.The precision volumetric metering way very easily in the transformation of filling material. Electronic scale metering can be collocated according to the characteristics of the products.
5. Main motor overload protection device
6. Packaging material tension automatic adjustment device
7. Automatic alarm and automatic shutdown in case of failure.